Congratulations on Kes.  I thought the cast worked very impressively as an ensemble, the physical theatre worked to great effect and was a real achievement for the learners. The emotional impact of the performance gave me a similar feeling to when I saw the film so many years ago.

Michele Berrie, Head of Drama, Morley College

Dominic grant – excellent and creepy

Time Out

Dominic Grant is a charming Pickering. Exceptional.

The Stage

They are all fine performances – but Dominic Grant, as the rogue, Captain Wragge, is absolutely wonderful.


We were particularly impressed with Dominic Grant who was perfect as ‘Alexander Kowalski’. He had the Polish accent down perfectly and his face was superbly expressive even when he was not speaking. We are very happy with the service you provided and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Dominic Grant makes a viciously strong impression.

Michael Billington, The Guardian