Dominic Grant’s clear, intriguing, imaginative production.
Skara Brae, Time Out

Congratulations on Kes.  I thought the cast worked very impressively as an ensemble, the physical theatre worked to great effect and was a real achievement for the learners. The emotional impact of the performance gave me a similar feeling to when I saw the film so many years ago.
Michele Berrie, Head of Drama, Morley College

I wanted to write to congratulate you and the cast for the wonderful play last night. I thought the standard was very high – of acting, direction – the whole production.  It was hugely enjoyable and funny and made me smile all the way home.  Congratulations and thanks for another piece of fabulous theatre. (Blithe Spirit)
Cass Breen, Principal Morley College

…rewarded us with an experience which I value beyond measure.
Macbeth Reboot 2015

Such has been the richness and depth of the world Dominic created for us to inhabit. During this production I have watched everyone of us move up several gears to produce the best work I have ever seen from them.
Macbeth Reboot 2015

Thanks Dominic for guiding us through some of the greatest scenes in the English language and showing us those landscapes in a completely new light.
Macbeth Reboot 2015

This has been an amazing journey of personal and collective growth. You are a special teacher, you are able to inspire, motivate and encourage people.
Macbeth Reboot 2015

You were really great today, fantastic direction, audacity, and so incredibly generous as always. I do sometimes marvel at how you always see the big picture, in many ways, the very best ones. We’re very lucky to have you.
Asha Goveas, Assistant Director, Macbeth Reboot 2015

Thank you for everything. I’m very impressed by what you managed to achieve with us, the cast as a whole, and me as an individual, in such a short space of time
Brian Merry, cast member, Dancing at Lughnasa 2012