Love and Money

Dominic directed Love and Money by Dennis Kelly, performed by Reboot Theatre Company in July 2016.

“I was truly delighted to be working with Reboot once more. The pleasures and great challenges of working with this exceptional group afforded me an opportunity that all directors relish: the chance to explore a new or classic play with people who are committed heart and soul to the project, who are giving their all creatively, but also have belief in the vision and working methods. Macbeth:Reboot erupted onto the Network Theatre stage in 2015, and by the end of the final performance, I think we were all dazed, exhausted and amazed at what we’d achieved, the journey we’d travelled and the bonds forged. Theatre-making is many things, but for me, it is certainly a drug – and this thrilling new project is a chance for another fix!”


The abiding human voice found in Shakespeare’s plays and the mirror he holds up to us all has always astonished me; he is timeless. Love and Money is rivetingly of this time.

Now. Dennis Kelly has tapped into the very essence of our contemporary malaise and wrought an extraordinary series of scenes and relationships that immediately draw us into a world – that we realise, too late, we may not want to be part of – but we can’t leave. Because we made it. And we didn’t build an exit door.

This is a clarion call for us to change ourselves, because our current evolutionary trajectory is terminal.